Magic workshops for parties, clubs and school initiatives  

Psychology + mind-magic workshops for higher education and business

Magic workshops and magic tuition. For clubs, schools, colleges and business.   SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend   

Presented by Steve Drury : Professional magician - mentalist - hypnotist                                              


 Magic workshops for Education

  • Suitable for age 8+ (Tailored to age)
  •  An understanding of the Magician’s Oath
  •  Includes ‘Principles of Magic’ show.
  •  Magic tuition both by group and one-to-one. 
  •  Workshop options from 2 hours to 1 day
  •  Complements cross curricular disciplines
  •  An unique school, college or club reward 

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 Magic workshops for Business

  • Tailored to key business development objectives
  •  Unlock the magic potential inside your team
  •  Innovative challenging experience
  •  Explore communication presentation and rapport
  •  Explore problem solving and creative thinking  
  •  Improve self-confidence and empowerment
  •  Teambuilding and project management tasks

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